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Cooking for one

When I was younger, I never saw the sense in cooking a meal just for myself.   I survived, quite happily, for many years on what I used to call my “single girl’s dinner” (popcorn & carrots) on the nights … Continue reading

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When The Moon Hits Your Eye…

It’s like a big pizza pie…that’s amore! If I ran the world, pizza would have no calories and would be considered one of the major food groups.   Unfortunately, that is not the case…sigh… I was inspired by a recipe … Continue reading

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Cook or Baker: Which are you?

It seems to me that the world of people who choose to spend time in the kitchen is divided between those who love to cook and those who love to bake (although there are many who cross the divide happily … Continue reading

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The “WOW” Factor

What is the “WOW” Factor?   My definition: recipes/dishes that require minimal effort for maximum impact.  We all have them…they are those recipes that you pull out in a pinch, or love to make frequently, because you know that they … Continue reading

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Celebrating Squid…

I gave up ordering calamari in restaurants a few years ago because it was always over-cooked, tough and chewy.  But I do love squid.  My brother-in-law’s squid stew is legendary and is always a much-requested menu item whenever we visit. … Continue reading

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Cilantro: Soapy or Scrumptious?

There are the usual debates:  Coke vs Pepsi, Mac vs PC…but one food that seems to cause great division is cilantro. I consider myself a fairly adventurous and open-minded omnivore but I stand firmly on the side of the non-cilantro … Continue reading

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Eating Al Fresco…

Although I had a completely different topic in mind today, the raw weather today in Toronto has me dreaming about eating outside. Whether it’s a BBQ enjoyed on a deck with friends, picking up bread & cheese at a local … Continue reading

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