Memories of… Argentina

Rib eye at La Cabrera - Buenos Aires

Rib eye at La Cabrera – Buenos Aires

I could have opened with “Don’t Cry For Me…” but that just seemed melodramatic….

I have been absent for the last few weeks due to a recent work trip to Argentina.  I was working with a group of amazing women entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean through Vital Voices.  It left me exhausted yet so inspired!  But I know, you really want to hear about the food…

Well, I don’t usually eat red meat other than venison from the SO about once a week.  I think I met my 6 month quota in the ten days in Argentina and it was amazing!

Early on in the trip, we went to La Cabrera in Buenos Aires where I enjoyed the best rib-eye steak I have ever tasted.  That was after the appetizer of chorizo, sweet breads & blood sausage.  Chorizo: amazing.  Sweet breads: total pass.  Blood sausage: tasted & that was enough for me.  If you ever get the chance to dine at La Cabrera, do not leave without the total overindulgence in the dessert of crepes & dulce de leche: I am not a dessert fan & no sweet tooth but this sent me over the top!

And for the rest of my time there, the beef just kept coming & coming…I couldn’t stop it and I couldn’t resist…

Cafe con leche - Plaza Dorrego

Cafe con leche – Plaza Dorrego

Now, the coffee….well, I love my coffee.  And in Argentina they serve it with hot milk.  That just makes sense, no?  Why can’t Starbucks do this?   I loved my last morning in BA sitting with my cafe con leche watching the crowds in the Sunday morning market at Plaza Dorrego…definitely something worth checking out if you are in BA for a Sunday.

Wine & Buenos Aires sunset

Wine & Buenos Aires sunset

Last but not least…the wine.  I usually react badly to South American wine (like I do to MSG) but no problems while I was there: which is interesting (at least to me).  Working 12+ hour days meant that there wasn’t much time / opportunity to indulge but I did make the most of my last night in BA sitting on the terrace of my hotel with a lovely Tempranillo as I watched the sun set over San Telmo.

Definitely will be going back to Argentina some time soon when I have more time to explore the country…any recommendations on places to explore while there would be much appreciated.


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2 Responses to Memories of… Argentina

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Hola! Lucky you — that’s a great business trip opportunity. Glad the wine worked out — after 12-hour working days you definitely needed to relax with a glass or two or three of something

  2. Hilda says:

    I lived in Argentina twice. The first time I was doing my MA research and lived in the north – Tucuman, and the second time on a diplomatic posting in, of course, B.A. Since then, I have not eaten much meat, because nothing I ever found measured up to what we got used to living in Buenos Aires. If you get back there, there are so many wonderful places to visit. You will probably want to go to Mendoza – the most important wine region in the country and a beautiful province. Then you should drive north – the further the better. My favourite province was Catamarca – not too far north of Mendoza. Oh, and the best dinner I remember was in a parilla just north of Cordoba in a little town called Jesus Maria. You can hire me as your guide if you like.

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