Kitchen Dreamin’ : Fellow Foodie Input Invited

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.04.29 PMSo it has been just over a year since I posted on my dream kitchen.  And when I wrote that post, I never imagined that I would now be in the position of actually being able to bring that dream to life!

The SO & I are about to embark on a major project – gutting the main floor of a bungalow and adding a second floor!  Yikes!!  Assuming all goes well with getting permits from the City, the project will kick off in about 3 months and we will, fingers crossed, be in our new space by May 2015.

So…now I am actually faced with the opportunity to build the dream kitchen.  I have already worked out alot of the design & details  – I get my big pantry, my double sink, double ovens and lots of counter space but I still have a few quandries that need to be settled in the next few weeks.  And who better to ask than a bunch of fellow foodies?

If anyone cares to weigh in on the following, I would really appreciate your input:

1.  Floor coverings:  I know I don’t want to carry the hardwood floors into the kitchen (too easily marked up when moving heavy appliances) and tile is just too hard when you’re standing for hours.  Any thoughts on pro’s/con’s of cork floors (especially if you have a dog) or on linoleum?

2.  Induction vs gas?  I am going back and forth on this one.  I was all about the gas stove top and then veered over to induction until I realized that I might have to replace all my pots & pans.  Would love any input on this debate that you might have to offer up.

And any other tips / ideas that come to mind would be greatly appreciated as we are still in the design stage…


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I am a lifelong foodie who lives in Toronto and spends much too much of my time thinking, preparing, eating and writing about food...
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7 Responses to Kitchen Dreamin’ : Fellow Foodie Input Invited

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    How exciting!! A friend of mine had cork floors on the second level of her house and loved them. No dog, though so I can’t comment on that bit. Linoleum can be fun, I think deoending on the ‘styke’ of the house and kitchen.

    My stove, in my house was dual — gas cooktop and convection oven. I loved it.

  2. Maggie says:

    Ahhh, the cooktop dilemma. I have been doing a fair bit of investigation into induction vs. gas, too. At this point I am leaning toward induction although I still haven’t been able to discuss this with a serious user of one, as I seem to know more bakers than cooks. But my reasons are that induction sounds more energy efficient than gas, cleaner cooktop, greater precision and at this point I am led to believe that cast iron works very well but for the remainder of my pots since my ‘best’ ones are over 30 years old, maybe it’s time to upgrade and lastly it’s easier to upgrade the electricity than to put in the gas line. I’m hoping some other people give you some feedback, I’d look forward to more input.

    • kate magee says:

      Glad to hear you weigh in on this. A very good friend has both in her recently renovated kitchen and she says she is totally now devoted to the induction stove top and the two gas burners rarely get used! We have quite the collection of cast iron so we are OK on that front and like you, it might just be a good excuse to update the other pots & pans 🙂 Will definitely keep you posted…

  3. Barb says:

    A kitchen from scratch – what fun! I can’t say anything about induction, other than that it seems to mean an investment in cookware. I’ve heard that if a magnet sticks to your pot it’ll work on an induction stovetop. This could be hooey.
    As to kitchen details, something I’ve thought of over the years is that it would be nice to have a space designated for composting and recycling.

    • kate magee says:

      I’ve heard the same things and of course I now can’t locate my magnet (which I did uncover on Saturday in my big house clean up)…its around somewhere and I need to put it to use 🙂 And great point about the composting / recycling “station” – I would like to include a compost ‘hole’ in the island where everything just goes into a green bin that can then go out every week…

  4. Hilda says:

    How lucky for you to be able to design everything. Have you considered marmoleum? – kind of a new, eco-friendly super strength linoleum. It comes in such beautiful colours which you can combine in patterns – sort of like a wood inlay. I would love to have an excuse to buy it.
    Otherwise, my dream is to have a wood oven outside, so I’m not much help with the indoor cooking.

    • kate magee says:

      Hilda – thank you so much for mentioning Marmoleum! I never thought I would go “old school” but I checked out their website and they have some amazing designs / colours that might work! I hear you on the wood oven…sigh..maybe one day 🙂 Kate

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