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Kitchen Catastrophes…

I don’t know about the rest of you but I never follow that rule that you should test every new recipe first before serving it to guests.   And generally, I don’t run into too many hiccups. Most experienced cooks … Continue reading

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SOS: Tips on homemade red wine vinegar?

They say honey attracts more flies than vinegar; however, as a dear friend is a beekeeper, I figure she’s got that side of things covered, so I am going to make vinegar my next big food project. Last year was … Continue reading

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Kitchen Dreamin’

I have to come clean, I suffer from kitchen envy.   This post is inspired by a wonderful post yesterday where a friend described her dream house.  Me… I could live happily in the dingiest shack in the world as long as … Continue reading

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Berry Easy Dessert!

As those of you who read this blog frequently already know, I am not a baker but I have always wanted to make a fruit galette…the free form-ness of them fly in the face of structured baking norms and also … Continue reading

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Cooking a Deux: Fun or Folly?

My absolute favourite time of the week is spending Friday night making dinner with the SO – if we are lucky enough to not have other plans.  While preparing a meal together, we catch up on the week that has … Continue reading

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Lovely Summer Soup: Gazpacho

There’s nothing like a chilled soup for dinner on a hot summer’s night and gazpacho captures the best of the season’s fresh vegetable bounty.   It is easy and quick to make (all you need is a blender) and always … Continue reading

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Too pretty to eat…well, almost…

Although I love to cook and feed people, I will readily admit that I have no talent in “plating” – presenting a dish that is composed, beautiful and picture-perfect.  I do try but  don’t seem to have the knack so … Continue reading

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