Tomatoes, Flames, Oven…oh my!

Oven dried tomatoes

Oven dried tomatoes

I had grand plans yesterday…set out to cook up a batch of oven-dried tomatoes yet the kitchen god(desse)s  continue to haunt me after my popping paneer saga earlier this week….

Had my tomatoes roasting in  a slow oven (200 degrees for five hours – no problem) and then pulled them out and cranked the temperature up to 500 degrees for the pizza.

It was a new pizza dough recipe that you start 18 hours ahead* and all was looking good – and I’d spent some time in the afternoon preparing various toppings – pancetta, carmalized onions, lamb sausage cooked down –  to strew on top of the pizzas.

So…as I am working on the dough last night, the SO (who is facing me and the oven) starts – flames in the oven!  Chaos ensues – he’s looking for the fire extinguisher (always keep one under the kitchen sink!), the smoke alarm is going off, the puppy is barking.. you get the picture, general panic.

But…no fire engine required.  We turned the oven off and watched the flames subside (and I am now spending my Sunday afternoon doing a long overdue chore – cleaning the oven).  The pizza never got made but I managed to use the onion & pancetta to make an old stand-by, Pasta Amitriciana, which we enjoyed while watching a fun ‘heist’ film from 1964 on a rainy fall night: Topkapi.  So all was not lost.

And I still ended with these beautiful oven-roasted tomatoes:

Heat your oven to 200 degrees.  Spread baking sheet with olive oil.  Slice ripe tomatoes into 1-inch rounds and place on baking sheet so they are close but not touching. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt & pepper.  And then just leave in oven until you think they are done (juicier tomatoes may require longer).  If you can’t use them immediately, pack them into a jar, cover with olive oil and enjoy for future meals.

*Will share comments on the pizza dough recipe in a few days…apparently if you wrap it up, it’s good for a few days so will try this again once the oven conflagrations have subsided 🙂


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I am a lifelong foodie who lives in Toronto and spends much too much of my time thinking, preparing, eating and writing about food...
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4 Responses to Tomatoes, Flames, Oven…oh my!

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    OMG!! Maybe a few restaurant meals are called for? :). Love Topkapi btw

    • kate magee says:

      I definitely agree – my kitchen is telling me to give it a break! Any other suggestions for fun classic ‘heist / caper’ movies? I seem to be on a kick right now…

  2. cdvto says:

    I’ve never had oven-dried tomatoes, are they similar to sun-dried? Pizza dough that takes 18 hours..whaaaaat..I can’t make that kind of commitment!

    • kate magee says:

      Oven-dried similar to sun-dried but an easier version for us in the colder winter climes 🙂 And I totally get the commitment thing but the mixing time only takes 5 minutes…the hardest thing for me was staying up late enough to start the 18 hours process…definitely a morning person!

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