SOS: Tips on homemade red wine vinegar?

Red Wine Vinegar & Olive Oil (source: Diana Renelli)

Red Wine Vinegar & Olive Oil (source: Diana Renelli)

They say honey attracts more flies than vinegar; however, as a dear friend is a beekeeper, I figure she’s got that side of things covered, so I am going to make vinegar my next big food project.

Last year was curing olives.  A few years ago, it was Christmas cake from my great-grandmother’s recipe (bake at least 6 weeks in advance and then soak on a weekly basis with brandy…yummm).

Well, this year I have decided to make red wine vinegar from scratch.  But I’m running into a few issues so thought I would throw my questions out to the universe (or at least to the readers of this blog) to see if any of you have any tips / insights that would help me.

The “Mother”: much like using a starter for sourdough bread or yogurt, vinegar needs a starter (called the “mother”).   It seems pretty easy to create your own mother for organic apple cider vinegar but not so much for red wine vinegar, so I may have to source this commercially.  If any one has recommendations on how to start it from scratch, or sources in Toronto or online where I can get this all-essential ingredient, I would appreciate it.

The Crock:  most of the articles I’ve read recommend a ceramic crock that has an open top and a spigot at the bottom (to drain off and test the vinegar).   I have searching the  internet and it seems like my only option to buy an expensive crock designed for water…again, I would be grateful for any suggestion or tips on alternatives.

The Process:  I don’t know how many of you have made red wine vinegar from scratch (and if you haven’t, I will definitely be sharing the process during the coming months in case you become inspired) but I totally welcome any tips or advice from those experienced vinegar-makers!

Stayed tuned for updates on the Red Wine Vinegar Project…

PS:  huge shout out to my wonderful friend & photographer, Diana Renelli, who did a amazingly creative job stepping up the plate when I idly posed the question to her earlier this week, over coffee: “If I were to do a post on Vinegar, what type of image would work?”.


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