Kitchen Dreamin’

Herbs in Kitchen Window

Herbs in Kitchen Window

I have to come clean, I suffer from kitchen envy.   This post is inspired by a wonderful post yesterday where a friend described her dream house.  Me… I could live happily in the dingiest shack in the world as long as I have my dream kitchen.

On last count, I’ve lived in 10 homes in the last 20 years so I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what works & doesn’t work for me in a kitchen…while I may not know what it looks like exactly, or where it is, I know what the space involves:

  • Big, deep double sink that is fronted by a window out in the world with good sun exposure so I can install glass shelves to grow herbs year round
  • 5 or 6 burner gas stove top: I love cooking on gas stoves (once you turn them off, they’re off) and there are sooo many times when 4 burners just aren’t enough
  • Two wall ovens: I know this is greedy but this is my dream kitchen.   Especially in the winter when I love to roast / broil and also have a dessert going for guests
  • Room for company:  I would happily do entirely without a dining room as long as there is room in my kitchen for a big wooden table (after all, I believe that the kitchen is the centre of the house).  And as this is my dream, it would be amazing if there was also room for a couch so people could just lounge while keeping me company while I cook
  • Deep deep drawers for appliances (ie. food processor, rice cooker, blender, etc.)
  • Open shelves for plates, glasses and serving dishes as I like the colour & texture they add to a room
  • Pantry: technically this is probably not part of the kitchen but having a spacious pantry would be amazing (and essential)
  • Fridge with bottom freezer:  I can easily fill a freezer with goodies but it is such a drag deconstructing the top freezer puzzle to figure out what is at the back…so much easier to stack and bend down to figure out what you have to available

OK…OK…I could go on (fitted vs. non-fitted kitchens, cork vs tile floors, etc.) but I think I am going to stop here.  At the end of the day, my dream kitchen is a space that I love cooking in, everything is easily accessible, and where people just want to spend time hanging out.  Because there’s nothing better than cooking in the company of loved ones.

What does your dream kitchen look like?


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I am a lifelong foodie who lives in Toronto and spends much too much of my time thinking, preparing, eating and writing about food...
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11 Responses to Kitchen Dreamin’

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Thanks for the shout out. Like your dream kitchen a lot. Let me know when you’ve found it and are ready for dinner guests 🙂

  2. Ha! We are designing a dream kitchen in the space we have. We will be keeping the footprint of our current kitchen but optimizing the space and improving the appliances. We already have a fridge like you describe and a fantastic dishwasher, but are already looking at stoves and sinks. We have decided on counters and cabinets. But we will give up our double oven — we almost never use it, maybe 1 time per year. The counter oven (really a toaster oven) serves our everyday oven needs, especially during the hot season (march-November). Most of our summer cooking is outside or stove top anyway.

    • kate magee says:

      I’m not sure how often I would actually use a double oven but it just seems like a such a decadent luxury! And I can’t believe that I forgot about the dishwasher! I have lived many places without one and definitely would need to include a fantastic dishwasher. Can’t wait to hear how your dream kitchen turns out!

      • It is, in my opinion, a waste of space in a normal sized kitchen. If you have a huge house and do a ton of entertaining and host every family gathering then maybe it’s worthwhile. We use our outdoor appliances for entertaining (gas grill, big green egg and turkey fryer) so one oven will be just fine. Besides the double oven that we have is the smallest they make which makes no sense for entertaining. Some real estate agent gave the previous home owners bad information across the board.

      • kate magee says:

        There’s a great quote I read once (Eleanor Roosevelt?) and I am totally rephrasing: nothing like a great idea shut down by cold hard reality. Unfortunately I have had to use this quote a few times on the work front in the last few weeks but I am also thinking it might apply to my dream of a double oven 🙂 But a girl can still dream, can’t she????

      • Well if you are thinking seriously about the double oven, take your biggest roasting pan shopping with you!

      • kate magee says:

        I definitely will…thanks so much for the advice!

  3. Barbara Murray says:

    My dream kitchen comes equipped with someone to clean up after me 😉
    Actually, my next oven, which won’t be gas, will be a double oven. They’ve dispensed with the bottom drawer and put in the conventional size oven plus a small broiler/oven above. I’ll happily trade the rattling junk collector drawer for a second oven.

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