Salt of the Earth

I am going to confess name is Katherine and I love salt. Given my blood pressure and eating habits, luckily I don’t have to worry too much about my salt consumption so I can indulge (in moderation) and I just love the brininess of it & the hint of ‘something’ that it adds to what I am eating…

Beyond what it adds to your eating experience, salt is precious.  Historically, it was used as currency in many cultures; in medieval Europe, your social status was dictated by whether you were worthy enough to sit above or below the communal salt cellar.  Having salt meant something…

I probably have at least five types of salt in the house at any given time: brining salt for pickling, kosher salt for cooking, various types of sea salt for dining, plain iodized table salt for removing stains, etc.   My sister moved to the UK about 20 years ago and I got hooked on Maldon’s Sea Salt…I’d fill my suitcase with boxes & boxes after a visit.  This past fall, my supply was running low and I couldn’t find it anywhere in Toronto.  I didn’t realize how much I had been complaining about my lack until Christmas Day.  My mother sent two boxes as “stocking stuffers” and then my Significant Other (SO) gave me another two boxes the same day…I was in heaven and I am now set for a few years with my ‘riches’…

Recent research shows that Canadians take in twice the sodium in their daily diet than required.   I am working my way through Michael Pollan’s new book “Cooked” and he says that many people rely on processed / prepared foods which has a big impact on their sodium intake.  Yet another reason to focus on natural foods and preparing whatever you can from scratch…which will then allow you to add salt as you wish & enjoy what it brings to a dish…

And if you have time for quirky, and you are a salt lover, you might want to check this out.   I am a long time fan of The McGarrigles and I cannot listen to Kate’s Salt Song without smiling.  Hope you enjoy as well…





About kate magee

I am a lifelong foodie who lives in Toronto and spends much too much of my time thinking, preparing, eating and writing about food...
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One Response to Salt of the Earth

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    I like salt to, but do limit my intake. As for finding your favourite here, try St. Lawrence Market. There used to be a shop there, that specialized in different kinds of salt. Have no idea of they’re still around but if they are, they might have it.

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