My absolute favourite aroma on earth is the smell of garlic & onion slowly cooking in olive oil (although I could be convinced to move this down the list with valid arguments, if presented, for freshly cooked waffle cones, a great BBQ, a baby’s armpit or foot, freshly mown grass in the spring…)

I sat in a restaurant this afternoon waiting for a lunch meeting…which didn’t happen (for very valid reasons) and as I sat there, sipping my water, I realized that I was appreciating all the aromas around me…which you don’t normally get to do when you are talking and enjoying your own meal.

I got wonderful whiffs of corn, beans, cheese, cilantro (more on that later!), tomato with the occasional overtone of truffle…I was in heaven.  I have never thought of myself as being a “smell” person but I was grateful for the opportunity to just sit and sniff as the plates went by….how often does that happen in our busy lives?



On a very recent trip to Bali, we bought vanilla beans.  I eat / use white sugar very rarely but when we got back, I pulled out a Mason jar, filled it with white sugar and immersed a few vanilla beans in the sugar.  I shake it around every few days and can’t wait until I can use the naturally flavoured vanilla sugar in the (rare) baking that I do…although it might also be a nice touch in my morning coffee…must test…


About kate magee

I am a lifelong foodie who lives in Toronto and spends much too much of my time thinking, preparing, eating and writing about food...
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